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Dr. Hester Young Speaks

Dr. Hester Young:

- Author, Conference Motivational Speaker, Career & Life Coach -


Inspirational career development leader and transformation success catalyst to successfully know intrinsic potential, identify values and passion, and how to market and obtain the career they deserve through authenticity, balancing stakeholder interest with long-term organizational vitality. Take great pride in creating a cohesive company culture of “We” that encourages teamwork, rewards performance, and motivates employees toward a common mission and cause of action even in difficult settings when the odds of success seem low.

  • Consistently achieve “excellent” ratings on workshop evaluations
  • Turned around a failing career services department absent of a director for over six month
  • Transformed the work-study program and implemented a virtual payroll system for students
  • Author, course text and motivational career development text for career planning course
  • Doubled the first destination job placement response rate for graduates
  • Developed a virtual 24/7 fully automated resource career center for students
  • Created the first University Applied Learning Experience Program


  • #Graduate School Admission 411: What You Need To Know About The Process
  • A Passion Driven Job Search: Finding a Career in Any Economy
  • Women of Integrity: A Classy Spirit After God’s Own Heart (Volume 1)


  • Living Beyond the Soul: "Freedom to Forgive" (Women of Integrity) (Volume 2)
    ISBN-10: 1536877735
  • Smarter Cover Letters and References
    ISBN-10: 1470081334
  • Smarter Résumés
    ISBN-10: 1470079925
  • Path, Passion, Purpose - CAREER
    ISBN-10: 1491051884
  • Developing A Centralized Internship Program at a Liberal Arts University


  • Certified Life Coach / Career Coach
  • Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator (MBTI)
  • Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment


EdD        Education: Higher Education Leadership - Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Dissertation Title: An Evaluation of a Centralized Applied-Learning Experience at a Private Liberal Arts University

Dissertation Committee Chair: Stephen Konowalow, PhD

MA        Human Resource Development - Webster University, St. Louis, Mo

BS         Workforce Education and Development - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Il   


Young, H.: Applied Learning Experience (APPLE), Students in Transition, Student Speaker, The University of Ghana, Ghana, West Africa, April 7-9, 2019. 

Young, H.: Applied Learning Experience (APPLE), 11th Annual Conference on Students in Transition, Sponsored by The University of South Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, November 7-9, 2004.

Young, H: An Evaluation of a Centralized applied Learning Internship Program at a Small Liberal Arts University, Ed.D. Dissertation, Fischler School of Education, Nova Southeastern University, United States – Massachusetts, December, 2009.

Young, H: Evaluation of a Centralized Applied Learning Internship Program, Online Career Services Conference, Intern Bridge, Inc., Acton, MA 01720. National Webinar Presentation, August 16, 2010.

Young, H: Evaluation Starting An Effective Internship Program on a Shoestring Budget: Squeezing the Most out of Limited or no Finances, Online Career Services Conference, Intern Bridge, Inc., Acton, MA 01720. National Webinar Presentation, August 14-17, 2012, Accepted.

Young, H.: Applied Learning Experience (APPLE), Southeastern Regional Cooperative Education Conference, Sponsored by Virginia Tech. University, Richmond, Virginia, May 25-27, 2016.


Assistant Dean for Students Services

Director, The Career Center

Director, Applied Learning Internship Experience Program

Director, Civic Engagement / President’s Honor Roll for Community Service Recipient

Director, Student Diversity

Provide overall leadership to the Student Services Division, which includes staffing and working committee members related to the departments of the Career Center, University Applied Learning Experience Internship Program, University Civic Engagement Program, and University Diversity Programs. Establish and interpret policies, procedures, manage budgets, and strategic planning. 

Developed and managed three University Summer Recruitment Programs: Formulate recruitment, admissions and placement policies through collaboration with president, deans, directors and senior faculty. Evaluate and analyze existing college and student recruitment programs to increase enrollment.

  • Transformed the Career Center from administrative role to an award winning model
  • Implemented the University’s first centralized Applied Learning Internship Experience Program.
  • Transformed Civic Engagement and Diversity Programs.
  • Transformed the Federal Work-Study Program for 700 students and management of annual payroll budget totaling approximately $140,000.00 per year. Collaborate with university leadership team to develop and maintain relationships with prospective and current business partners.
  • Led transformation of the First Year College Experience and the development of the curriculum through collaborations senior management and external consultants.
  • Conducted a research study to evaluate the status of existing university internships and practicum experiences.
  • Revolutionized job placement outcomes of students to build value at the university institution and visibility by creating a mechanism for increasing job placement rates from 35% to 98%. Enhanced the public image and recognition of The Career Center’s name within the business community through innovative programming, community outreach, and aggressive networking.
  • Enhanced the public image and recognition of The Career Center’s name within the business community through innovative programming, community outreach, and aggressive networking.
  • Increased business partnerships by 67% and department revenue by 40%.
  • Recognized as 6th in the Nation for job placement through a team approach to career development.
  • Planned and implemented the University’s first work-study student and supervisor orientation training program through team led projects.
  • Led initiatives to boost university student internship participation by 30%.
  • Spearheaded the University’s first work-study student and supervisor orientation training program, which increased student and supervisor customer service satisfaction.
  • Utilized existing technology to implement an online work-study student training system, which increased staff productivity and student satisfaction.
  • Led team to develop and implement the University’s first electronic work-study contract system.
  • Faculty Advisor for five student organizations.
  • Successfully designed and established marketing strategies for the first Summer Recruitment Programs.
  • Increased student program participation and admissions from 55 participants to 150 participants, which increased the Medical University College enrollment for all colleges by 25%.
  • Increased faculty participation and mentorship by 60%.
  • Developed and administered major training grants and yearly progress reports that fund programs and services totaling $300,000 per year.
  • Determined feasibility of developing programs to supplement local annual budget allocations.
  • Served as senior college recruitment officer for the college.
  • Managed university-wide student research events featuring nationally and internationally recognized scientists.
  • Chaired of the University Grievance Committee and successfully conducted litigation which achieved favorable resolution of multiple complex litigations.